Copper Living Home

Photo Credit: Alan Abramowitz

  1. Photo Credit: Alan Abramowitz
  2. Photo Credit: Alan Abramowitz
  3. Photo Credit: Alan Abramowitz
  4. Photo Credit: Alan Abramowitz

Photo Credit: Alan Abramowitz

This lovely 875-square-foot single family home on Mercer Island Washington provides a picturesque showcase for the talents of McKinstry’s Architectural metals team, which installed all the metal used for this project.  The home is elevated above a patio to preserve the property’s flat area for outdoor use. Concrete retaining walls, set into the steep hillside, provide entry to the courtyard. Elevated interior living spaces and a covered patio preserve the owners’ privacy while providing stunning views and easy lake access. To heighten the aesthetic experience from every angle, the architect chose copper as cladding material for its ability to weather beautifully without staining, maintenance, or problems. In all, this project utilized 1,600 square feet of a flat-seam copper cladding system for the soffit, siding and roofing.


Project Team

Architect – Hutchison & Maul Architecture

General contractor – EH Construction,

Structural engineer – Jeff Albert

Mechanical engineer – Rainbow Consulting

Copper –   Revere Copper Products, Inc.

Mixed Use / Residential, Construction, Washington


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