McKinstry was voted an Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation in 2010 by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  Watch the video profile to learn more.

A giving environment

In addition to the lives of the buildings we help create, McKinstry is committed to improving communities and the lives of people in need, both locally and around the world. Through the McKinstry Charitable Foundation, we’ve had the honor of sharing our prosperity with great organizations of every kind over the years, but we are purposefully focused on efforts that nurture children, support education, and provide global health.

McKinstry frequently puts its brainpower and influence to work for the community good. Depending on the challenge at hand, we provide expertise and professional services, and we encourage our partners to do the same.

Power to the people

For the past several years, we have given our employees money to donate to the cause of their choice, with exciting results. Not only are hundreds of organizations helped, but employees and their families often discover new causes with which they become involved on a regular basis. In fact, McKinstry employees fill leadership positions in literally dozens of giving organizations. 

Time – the ultimate gift

We enthusiastically support employees who want to give of their time. If one of our people wishes to participate in a charitable activity, we’ll work with them to make it happen. Many of our employees volunteer for committees or sit on boards, and we salute them for it. Occasionally, we even make our offices available for meetings or fundraising events. After all, the spirit of giving is contagious, and we want every employee exposed to it.