The Burlington

Photo Credit: Hoffman Construction

  1. Photo Credit: Hoffman Construction
  2. Photo Credit: Hoffman Construction
  3. Photo Credit: Hoffman Construction

Photo Credit: Hoffman Construction

This 10-story apartment building occupies a prominent location in the Pearl District just north of downtown Portland and accommodates retail space on part of its ground floor.

McKinstry created HVAC technology for the building, consisting of a 300-ton air-cooled water chiller, two chilled water pumps, and vertical two-pipe fan-coil units, with electric heat in the apartments, air conditioned corridors, and tempered ventilation air for the fan-coil units. The ground floor utilizes five horizontal fan-coil units with chilled water coils and electric heat serving the lobby and other public areas.

Each apartment has a standard bathroom with lavatory, water closet, and tub/shower. The apartment kitchens include a hookup for dishwashers. Adjacent to the kitchens are connections for washer and dryer. Dryers vent into sub-ducted shafts with exhaust fans on the roof.

Project Partners:
Owner – The Pearl, LLC
Architect – Androm-Moisan
General Contractor – Hoffman Construction

Mixed Use / Residential, Construction, Oregon


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