EMP Museum

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy EMP staff

  1. Photo Credit: Photo courtesy EMP staff
  2. Photo Credit: Photo courtesy EMP staff

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy EMP staff

Featuring one-of-a-kind non-rectilinear geometry, this 140,000 sq. ft. interactive museum is probably the most complex design and installation fire protection project McKinstry has ever taken on. The unique building structure and unusual curved roof deck provided many challenges… and our field crews met every one of them.

We created the system using 3-D AutoCAD and the Catia Systems, enabling the designers to view the layout in 3-D from any angle. The original design underwent several changes due to the exhibits, restaurant, and ride additions.

The building contains more than 20,000 feet of 1-½” pipe with 4” mains and 1,700 sprinkler heads. The final designed system is comprised of two wet systems covering three stories, with dry systems in the parking garage and tunnel, which allows the monorail to run through the middle of the complex.

Project Partners:        
Architect – Frank O. Gehry
General Contractor – Hoffman Construction

Civic, Construction, Washington

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